The Words Of Joseph Smith

History of Book

Forty years ago . . .
an unprecedented study of Joseph Smith’s sermons began

Forty years ago . . .
the perfect mentor appeared and challenged that the sources of the sermons be collected

Twenty-nine years ago . . .
the challenge was met.

For a generation, more than thirty-five thousand students of Joseph Smith . . .
. . . studied his sermons like never before

For a generation, more than thirty-five thousand students of Joseph Smith . . .
. . . studied an additional 20% of texts of his sermons never before published

For a generation, more than thirty-five thousand students of Joseph Smith . . .
. . . studied the power of his doctrine as never before

In recent years, many have paid from $500 to $1,500, or more, for a copy of this classic

A new generation is about to get a lot more for a lot less…

Completely Revised and Enlarged by Andrew F. Ehat, The Words Of Joseph Smith

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The book was in many ways a first:

  • First to provide a full collection of Joseph Smith’s Nauvoo discourses in the mature and climactic
  • years of his life (many of them have never been published before);
  • First to reproduce them in exact fidelity to their original written sources in diaries and journals,including spelling and grammatical deviations;
  • First to cross-reference them to earlier sayings and discourses of Joseph Smith;
  • First to index all the biblical and other scriptural verses discussed or alluded to;
  • First to provide contextual settings for each discourse in proper chronological sequence;
  • First to footnote the discourses in terms of their historical and doctrinal kinships; and,
  • First to interlace all these discourses (recorded by some sixty persons) with other fundamental teachings of this rich and formative period of Church history.

- Original publisher’s description

“It’s about time!”
- Hugh Nibley

“For teachers in all levels of Church administration and practice, for parents who are concerned to ‘go to the source’ when counseling and guiding and testifying in the home, for students who seek a handbook of Mormon sources that will withstand careful scholarly scrutiny, for Latter-day Saints who wish to treasure up the fundamental teachings of the Restoration at the very fountainhead, and for all in or beyond the Church who have begun to recognize that in his high and inspired moments Joseph Smith passed on to this generation ‘gems for the sanctified,’ this book is not only useful, it is indispensable.”
- Truman G. Madsen, Joseph Smith author, lecturer, and philosopher

About the Author

Andrew F. Ehat, a native of San Francisco, California, is a convert to the Church and served a mission in the Gulf States Mission. He graduated from BYU with degrees in Mathematics and American History and is the author of the book, The Words of Joseph Smith, the first annotated collection of all the sermons given by Joseph Smith during the Nauvoo period of Church History. Last, and most importantly, Brother Ehat and his wife, were sealed in the Los Angeles Temple in 1974, and they are the parents of five wonderful children and eleven glorious grandchildren.

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